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Testrenders with Hash's A:M 2002 by WOK from pixelburg.com

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DarkTree is a creation program and editor for procedural (i.e. calculated!) shaders, textures and materials for 3D rendering applications. To use a DarkTree inside a 3D package, you need to install the Simbiont Plugin for your software. As part of their "Darktree 2.5 Open Initiative" Darkling Simulations, now give the Simbiont plugin away, for free - so anybody can use ready existing DarkTree materials in his favorite 3D package for free! This is good news, as there are hundrets of existing and very realistic DarkTrees out there in the Web!

What's on these pages?

When you download the Simbiont Plugin , it comes with about hundred excellent DarkTree materials. On the following index page, you will find testrenders, I did with Hash's Animation Master 2002. You may use this as a reference, when you hunt down for an appropriate material for your model.
You can click on the thumbnails to see a bigger image with more details. Next to these "Zooms", there is some information, on how long the scene took to render (on my AMD Athlon 900 MHz) - these time values are a little bit vague, as the rendering took place in the background and I continued working in the front... but they may serve as a little hint to find "fast rendering " materials - as there are sometimes enourmous differences in rendertime

How was this done?

I rendered all the shown images with Hash Animation Master 2002 (V 9.5s) on an AMD 900 MHz CPU with 512 MB of RAM. And: "NO" . I did not change the material settings a hundred times, manually. As the AM projectfile format is plain ASCII, I wrote a little perl Skript, which changed the material attributes directly inside the project file and then sent some keyboard events to AM2002, to trigger another render cycle. To render all the shown images, it took about 9 hours.


You can't download any materials from my pages. I only did some testrenders. If you want to use the shown materials, go and download the free Simbiont Plugin directly from Darkling Simulations for you 3D Animation pagage! All these materials are included in the Simbiont setup package.

...Greetings from Germany: Wolfram "Der WOK". Maintainer of the
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