Examples for Decals (Textures)

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This is the first version of the fireplace – without any decals.

First, we add a 'color type' decal. This is a photo of some bricks from a texture cd-rom:

Together with the brick image from above came a corresponding 'bump map type' image on the same texture cd-rom. After applying this bump map (with a bump value of 600% !) the image looks like this:

Now, to add some realism, we make the fireplace a little bit 'dirty'. As little smoke and smut flows out the fireplace, over the years, the opening has become dirty. So I first made a screenphoto ot the opening (to get the right dimensions), and then with a pixel paint program, i drew this image, which was applied as a 'diffuse type' decal:

Finally, I drew another image for the inner part of the fire place, which is also a 'diffuse type' decal:

When all these decals are applied to the fireplace model, the Project Workspace Tree looks like this:

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